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Thursday, April 17, 2008

my story

Here is my story. I am a mom of four children, Jarrod is nine years old-(my special boy), BreeAnna is 4, Jayden is 2, and Nadya is 10 months. Yes, I am very busy and I have a full time career of running a business but I have plenty of time to give to a cause such as this. When my son was about 13 months old he was given 5 vaccines at one time, and after that we started noticing changes with him. He started playing different, he did not play well with others, he sorted everything, no eye contact, and no speech. Did I forget to say horrible tantrums! He had be progressing just fine and then we new something was wrong with our little boy. I have to say we are very lucky. We had Jarrod placed in a very aggressive environment and at the age of three, he began to say WORDS! Not sentences, but words. We had not been able to understand or get through this time without all the support and help we received. To make a very long story short he is now nine, he is in third grade, (most people don't notice any differences with him), he is still in speech therapy, and for the first time on his ninth birthday, we were able to sing Happy Birthday to Him, without him yelling at us. I would say it just like Jenny McCarthy, "he is recovering." We still have those moments but we are all doing great, in fact you are welcome to meet Jarrod at his Blog at http://www.peoplemovers.blogspot.com/. I have a belief that we were put on this Earth for a reason and I would have never thought I would have had a child with these kinds of challenges but I did and I know it was for a reason. We are special people to have such special kids and together we can fight this and win.

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