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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Last and Final Debate

Ok, I am just fired up! I can't believe this idiot John McCain compared Sarah Palin's son with Down Syndrome to Autism. He sited this in three different examples. Here is my response---Republicans have done absolutely nothing for the Autistic Community. The people who are helping the autistic community are people like you and I with their giving hearts. These damn Republicans don't even know what to do with Autistic children. Sorry, this is going to get loud, plug your ears. Fuck John McCain. Here is proof that the Republicans have done nothing, comparing Down Syndrome to Autism, what was he thinking? (oh, I forgot you need a brain to actually think intelligently) That is like saying apples taste the same as oranges. I know for a fact they have done absolutely because I live this life and I listen to all these mom's crying for help! Listen to me, we need a major change, we need Obama, we need to fix the economy, we need to fix our education system, we need to green our environment, and we don't need another republican in office.

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Nice blog:D I'm all about going green! Thanks for deciding to follow my blog:)
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